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Secure and healthy spaces

Do extreme architectural mega mansions feel comfortable?

What type of spaces feel secure and healthy?

Sharp angles, expansive ceilings, overhead beams, too many windows, underground rooms or glass floors, are all desirable creative design elements but they can also make occupants feel uncomfortable. Even as a lover of architectural visionaries, I cringe at some of the new features in these properties. Of course new building materials and techniques increase our ability to design radical architectural masterpieces, but does it benefit the occupants? If the qi in your space brings divorce, loss of income or health, is it worth it?

Tracking a client’s history in the house or business will verify the correct analysis. When I start my Feng Shui evaluation with a new client I always ask,”when did you move in?” Did their lives improve or has it been a disaster since moving in. When you go house shopping ask the realtor if the previous owner did well or did they lose money, divorce or have bad heath.

A square building with a balance of proportional space and light allows the qi to move in a natural flow. This natural flow can improve sleep, attention disorders, health and productivity.

Curved walls or corners move the qi too rapidly and causes a room to be uncomfortable.

Combining a natural flow of qi with a balance of textures, light and colors will invoke a sense of comfort and harmony. For example rooms covered in marble walls and floors need to combine softer textures for comfort, to reduce noise levels and cold temps. Perfect material for entries, bathrooms and kitchens but needs a balance of materials in bedrooms or home offices.

Another desirable architectural feature for luxury properties is the view, ocean or city. But frequently the house must be built on stilts overhanging a hill or mountain.

The occupants will instinctively feel uncomfortable in a house built with this type of open air support. It has been observed that the occupants do not like to stay in the house and it can cause difficulties or splits in relationships.

Of course having the biggest, most extravagant house in the neighborhood is the ultimate goal, but is it the right choice ? Having a Feng Shui evaluation before you purchase can increase your advantage for success and happiness in your new residence


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