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what clients say...


I run a prominent design showroom in Los Angeles and contacted Janice to help us improve sales.  With Janice's feng shui knowledge and her design talent, she was able to advise the correct placement of the furnishings and remedies aesthetically and in proper alignment.  After the renovation, I had proceeded with busy day to day enterprises and forgot about the feng shui.  However when reporting time came, the numbers said it all.  The results were remarkable.  There was an immediate spike in sales within a month of our feng shui project, which continued throughout the year.  since then I consult with her every year for an annual update


Janice is a true artist and visionary. She has been our go to on all things home style for over 20 years.  she stays up to date on all the latest styles and is amazing in her abitlity to make our rough ideas a reality.  We get so many compliments on our home  and everyone notices that the flow and energy is right.. I was so impressed with her talents in feng shui that I even hired her to redesign my offices.

she is responsive, reliable and fun to work with.  Always open to adjusting and  pivoting to make sure the work reflects our personal style.


I consulted with Janice when I was considering a new space so she could help me choose a better location. She helped me in my last home and improved my health  and business tremendously but warned me there would always take more effort.  Literally 2 days after I moved, I received a phone call for a project with a high profile celebrity, the biggest project of my career.

more to be published soon 

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