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Feng Shui is about naturally aligning your environment to maximize the potential in all facets of life.  It is based on neutralizing the negative energy and enhancing the positive. To create  an environment that will easily support your efforts for a happier life.  A natural system, without drugs or therapy to reduce the negative energy that makes us argue, become stressed , unproductive or unhealthy. 


As we move towards “green design”, living in a toxic free environment, the principles of traditional Feng Shui work seamlessly to help create this natural healthy space for your mind and body.  Living with Feng Shui is basically allowing yourself to flow with the qi of the building.

It is likened to acupuncture of your outer world.  The location and function of each area can change your mental and physical behavior causing different reactions in your health, relationships, creativity and productivity. It can affect your mental state for calm, clarity, creativity, production and our physical state to keep us healthy and pain free.

  Our bodies are in a constant cycle of change like the “qi” that surrounds us.  As energy moves, we must adjust our environment to be in balance with this moving qi.  Using the traditional Feng Shui calculation of time and direction within a building, we can see and evaluate the layout of this energy in real time. If done correctly, remedies are invisible to the decor and do not require any remodeling or redecorating.


 We embody the concept of a Feng Shui lifestyle by combining this environmental energy with our inner personal energy. How you live and think is a reflection of what is happening in your life at home or in business.  Thoughts are different wavelengths of energy in the universe .  What we think, we create.  My clients decide their vision and we adjust the environment to help achieve their dreams.  You will find how much easier day to day life can be at home or business, once your space feels in balance.

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