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As a Feng Shui expert and consultant, Janice has appeared on multiple television shows, seminars and conventions and has been featured in many international magazines.  Our consultation and design service includes diverse projects internationally and across N. America, from Beverly Hills to New York, Newport Beach to Miami and Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

With over 2 decades as a traditional Feng Shui consultant and 30 years of high end interior design work, we excel in providing a superior and personalized service for our clientele. 

We advise and assist homeowners, architects, designers, developers, medical facilities, retailers and corporations for selection or analysis of properties, based on Feng Shui calculations.  We also include our Feng Shui expertise to all of our interior design projects.


  We have a diverse list of international design and Feng Shui clients that include movie and tv producers, entertainers, international shippers, national home developers, major retailers, corporate food and medical facilities including Kaiser Permanente, celebrities Jackie Chan, The 18hundred Restaurant and Toll Bros, to name a few.

My weekly Blog will have  more tips for creating this healthier lifestyle.  

Better yet , book an appointment with me to get a personal evaluation of your home or business .

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Peter Drucker

Many people come to the realization that their life just feels stuck, even if they are wildly successful.  They miss a balance in health and  relationships.  It's essential to understand that how you see, feel, eat and live , are all interconnected.  Let's focus all this energy in your environment and make it work for you.  Combine this with thinking positive in a positive space..... the outcome is limitless

Think, create, focus and do.  

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