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WATER beneficial properties in Feng Shui and Covid-19

Beneficial Properties of Water in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, water attracts and holds wealth. Adding a water feature in your home or office

is beneficial not only for prosperity , but by adding an ultraviolet light to the water , it will remove bacteria from the air . UV lights are a non intrusive method to disinfect water with no residual chemical properties. Using a UV light is an effective barrier against Legionnaires disease and now COVID -19. According to Science Daily Magazine , April 14, 2020, researchers in Korea reported a 99.9% sterilization of COVID-19 in 30 seconds with UV LED products.

In the past, indoor water features have been beneficial in medical facilities not only for the positive sensory calming features but also for health by adding the UV light in the water. The UV light removes and destroys the bacteria from the air in the water as it recirculates.

Researcher Christian Zollman says” this would provide a low cost chemical free and convenient way to sanitize public , retail, personal and medical spaces”. In the meantime we can improve and protect our home and office spaces by utilizing the water feature and UV light.

It’s a simple and low cost method for increasing our attraction for wealth and better health.

Water features should be in proportional size to the room that you are occupying. An average room would need a water feature holding about 5-10 gallons of water. Small table fountains will not be effective enough.

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