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METAL is the best Feng Shui weapon against negative energy

Metal, is an important Feng Shui element for the reduction of negative energy. When added, the result can be compared to two magnets as they repel their polar ends. A prime example of the electromagnetic force in the universe.

Also the sound of metal is a very important property of metal, in respect to its ability to repel and change the energy. As explained in a Forbes April 2016 article , electromagnetic force is the force that attracts and repels particles, binds atoms together into molecules and life, and causes electric current among other things. Basically energy is everything in the universe. The theory of Cymatics , pioneered by Hans Jenny, claims the existence of a subtle power made by sound waves. As explained in a recent January 2020 article in Gaia , “everything we perceive is the manifestation of oscillating energy. Quantum physics is the energy science based on the theory that atoms are in a perpetual state of vibration.” Proving the science that energy is sound, light heat and form. Jenny proposed that sound creates form, and changing frequencies affect form at a cellular level.

In Feng Shui we use this electromagnetic force in the interaction of 5 basic elements, water, wood, fire, earth and metal , to balance our environment. We are balancing an unseen qi or energy , just as we would adjust the temperature in your home to be more comfortable.

When needed, metal must be used in proportion to the size of the space and needs to be exposed to the air. It can be hidden behind or under another object or furniture but not placed in a contained space like a drawer or closet. Heavy metal with a large surface area is ideal as opposed to thin surfaces, rods or small pieces. Stainless steel or bronze sculptures are perfect as well as metal exercise weights and bowls containing metal or coins in mass. An average room needs at least 10-20 pounds of metal to reduce any negative qi.

With a proper Feng Shui analysis, it can be determined if a space needs the physical properties of hard metal or the sound of metal. The use of the metal sound is more desirable in spaces that are facing more hardship for the occupants. A moving sound producing metal object like a grandfather clock is a good remedy. Finding moving metal is not easy so most times we recommend ringing a Tibetan bell or something similar.

In 2020 , since Feb 4, the negative qi in the East and South directions will need metal to improve the space. If not remedied with metal, occupants in important rooms in the East and South in 2020 may experience financial delays, accidents or illnesses. Important rooms are those that you occupy for long periods of time. These areas are usually the bedroom, home office or office at work .

The negative directions also apply to different areas in your country or the world. In the US currently the East is suffering from the overburden of Corona virus . In the South they are experiencing tornadoes and devastating storms. In the South of Spain they are also overwhelmed with flooding and storms.

Metal strengthens the water element that attracts and holds wealth. Using a stainless steel water feature benefits the water, and can be combined with a UV light to destroy bacteria

in the air. With new technology an anti microbial surface can be coated on the steel to keep the water feature free from bacteria.

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