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Part three: Home

Take a look at how we can benefit from this pause in the economy. An evaluation of our home may be in order. Feng Shui allows us the ability to utilize the most favorable areas in your home to improve your well being. Also, looking at your possessions from a new angle will help to reevaluate their function and placement. Are they serving their purpose, or are they just part of the clutter. Not too many people will be in the mood to clean their house, so I advise just making a couple of adjustments. It will be so beneficial to your well being. - less is more and especially helps to reduce mental stress when it comes to our surroundings. Let’s admit it; we are an impulse spending society. Also clearing clutter and stacks of paperwork or bills will help you focus on the positive - get fresh air circulating in your home and add some live plants to purify the air. Plants help to restore the oxygen in a room - good lighting will adjust your mood and improve productivity. Placing an ultraviolet light in a water feature, like a fountain, will destroy bacteria in the air. - Keep your walls in more neutral and lighter colors to increase better health and mood. It is also helpful to reduce negative qi in different areas. Bright fire colors like red, orange, and purple can increase this negative potential. Red colors can also increase blood pressure. Blue colors tend to reduce stress and create a feeling of calm. Blue lights in a train station in Japan reduced the incidence of suicide. - In 2020 try to avoid spending time in the East and South areas of your home as it will be more harmful. Adding 10-15 lbs. of metal in these areas will help reduce the negative qi. Metal can be inexpensive exercise weights or a bowl of coins. It doesn’t have to be out in the open and can be under or behind a piece of furniture but not closed away in a drawer or closet. Most of the world economy will need to get creative to find new avenues of income and business. Starting with a refreshed space will help your well being and give a boost to “think outside the box”.


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