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Part two: Body

In Feng Shui the most important aspect in life is health. It doesn’t matter how much money you have , ultimately without your health you cannot enjoy your success or prosperity . In Feng Shui we call this , health is wealth. Feng Shui can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. It’s important at this moment with this virus to stay as healthy as possible.

Feng Shui allows us to map the energy in your home so that you can identify the areas that are negative or positive to your well being. Adjusting the energy is comparable to moving to cooler or warmer areas in your home to feel more comfortable.

Working or sleeping in the most positive areas of your home will help you reduce illnesses, get better sleep, be in a better mood and be more productive. Relationships will be more harmonious and addiction problems can be reduced , as well as stress. Do you find yourself or members in your family constantly arguing? This potential for conflict can be managed with Feng Shui.

If you follow my coming monthly blogs to track the negative and positive directions , there will be tips for making timely adjustments in your home. Traditional Feng Shui is based on location direction and current time. Areas in your home can be adjusted annually or monthly so that you can improve the positive outcome.

In 2020 , the East and South directions will be more negative and can effect your health and finances . Unless remedied there will be potential for delays , accidents and bad luck. Important rooms like the entry or bedroom in the South should be remedied or avoided to prevent health issues to the digestive and reproductive areas. Both East and South directions can be remedied by placing metal to decrease these negative effects. An average size room needs approximately 10-20 lbs of metal to reduce this negative qi. Inexpensive exercise weights are an ideal metal to use if you don’t have anything decorative to use like a bronze or steel sculpture or piece of furniture.

Avoid burning candles or using the fireplace in the East and South. Fire is an activating element that can increase the energy of that particular space. Where there is more harmful energy we want to reduce this qi. Keeping colors more neutral will also be more beneficial in these directions in 2020.

Utilizing the positive areas in your home is important for pets as well. Animals occupying different areas will experience the energy , the same as humans. Place some metal close to their beds or cages if they are located in the South or East areas of your home. Even better move them to a different location.


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