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Part one: MIND

Try to think outside the box in these times of crisis. Being creative and flexible will be key to taking advantage of new opportunities. - Be like a shark; they only move forward. - Avoid concentrating on the negative or dwelling on your fears and visualize only the positive of what you want for the future. Try to focus on what makes you happy. What you think you create. - Take steps to create a space that lifts your mood and improves your sense of well being. Fresh air and good lighting are easy remedies. More tips for home refreshing will be listed in Part 3. - "There but by the grace of God, go I" a quote by John Bradford. A message of humility about one’s luck in life. Destiny is not entirely in our hands, so we should be grateful for where we are and be appreciative for what we have. Many others may be in the worst circumstances. We have destiny from the heavens or fate, which is determined when we are born. Then there is self-made destiny, which can be improved through Feng Shui by adjusting our surroundings. Finally, we have luck. The definition of luck is being prepared at the right moment. Now is the time to start getting prepared. To get back on track, we need to dig deep and face being uncomfortable to move forward. Take control of your life from within. For those who are able ... do it. For those who can’t, let’s lend them a hand. Lead from your heart, and others will follow your example.


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