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Moving forward, mind-body-home.

Today we are living day to day in a world of instability with this crisis. I believe we will be forever changed in our perception of normal life. Whether that means a new appreciation for life and positivity or the opposite of fear and instability, we should create our destiny and consciously control our future. Feng Shui is the system to interpret and manipulate the energy in your space so that it benefits your health, relationships, and opportunities for success. It is not the answer to improve everything in your life, especially in these difficult times, but it can create a positive shift. Even the smallest shift will be beneficial in the long road ahead. Feng Shui gives you the ability to change the dynamic in your home to your advantage. Since this situation is unprecedented in scale and longevity, how do we look forward to the future? We should address moving forward in 3 steps- mind, body, and home. In my opinion, meditation, yoga, feel good cleanses, organizing, etc. will not cut it. It sounds good and zen, but let’s be realistic. If you have a household of kids running around in 24 hr confinement, there’s not a lot of “me “ time. Unless you are financially so stable that this coming economy will not be a problem, there must be different options for dealing with the future. Take baby steps. I am addressing the 99% of people who are eager to get back to work. Overall, as Americans, we are not used to staying at home and being unproductive. The American way, from coast to coast is to get out there and solve a problem, lend a hand, and get it done. There is no one solution to feeling better, but hopefully, some of these tips will help create a shift in your life so that you can “get it done.” March was the strongest month in Feng Shui for energy concerning the mouth, which can be interpreted as this virus. As we cycle into a different month starting April 4, we could see an improvement. It is also a month that represents technological and scientific possibilities, so hopefully, a medical solution is on the way. Part 1 to be continued


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