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Forecast for May 2020

The month of May starts on the 5th. While April may have been focused on scientific breakthroughs for the virus, May will have a more negative forecast overall. Loss of patience and economic decline will bring conflict and unrest. The qi this month is not encouraging, so we must look ahead to June. On the bright side, the qi in June is all about a new beginning of growth. Creativity will spark fame and sales, which will stimulate the economy. June will be beneficial to businesses as well as health. Occupying or avoiding these directions in your home or business in May will give you a head start to June. NW and SE- try to sleep, or do work from home in this direction, wealth and career will have the strongest potential. E- try to avoid spending time in this direction as it will slow finances. Add some metal if this is your bedroom. S- children should avoid spending time in this direction as it is not good for learning. Also, pregnant women should avoid the S in May. Add metal to reduce this qi. Not good for a bedroom in May. SW- good direction for finding romance, especially for women. Be cautious as the relationship may come easily but may not be the right choice. W- spending time in the W can bring on heart and eye problems. There may be possibilities for fire as well in this area. N- this direction has more potential for fraud, gossip, and conflict. Add metal to reduce this qi. Do not do work from home here for a better outcome. The qi in all the directions will affect the world as a whole, as well as the individual US states. We can expect the NW, SW, and NE to recover more quickly, and the states to the E will have a more difficult time.

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