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Love your house again

Do you feel like your home has lost its spark? Maybe the air feels stagnant, or you just can’t seem to shake a low energy vibe. If so, it’s time to give your space a feng shui makeover! Feng Shui, a metaphysical science is a powerful tool for revitalizing your home and attracting positive vibes.

Clear the clutter - unblock your life: The first step to energizing your home is to declutter. Clutter is like stagnant energy, blocking the flow of good qi. Open up your house to new wealth: Your entryway is the first impression you home make, so it’s important to make it inviting.The way that qi enters through the front door is important to the wealth of the occupants.Feng Shui literally means “wind and water”. Wind is the flow of the qi and water is the retention of wealth is accumulated. If your front door directly lines up with the back door or a stairway, the house will lose wealth. The building will not be able to retain the qi for wealth.There are easy remedies for this, do not keep both doors open at the same time. If your stairway leads straight to the front entry door, place a buffer to slow down the loss of qi. You can use a plant or piece of furniture. Let the sunshine in: Sunlight is a natural energizer, so make sure your windows are clean and unblocked. Open them up whenever possible to let fresh air and sunshine flow through. This will brighten the space and boost the positive energy. If natural light is limited, consider adding mirrors to reflect light and create a sense of spaciousness.

Boost your life with color:

Use fire colors with caution. Unless you have a Feng Shui reading and know the qi layout of your home, use bright colors that represent fire like red, orange and bright yellow with caution.

Fire is an activator of energy. In a negative space, fire or fire colors can increase this potential and cause delays, illness, disharmony /conflict and accidents. When we create an energy layout for our clients, we can identify negative areas that are affected by bright colors. Many times after the client changes to a neutral color scheme of blues, greens, grey or whites, they experience a shift away from this negativity.

Get control in your life, move your furniture:

Ideally face your desk towards the door for a sense of control and support. Avoid sitting directly under or in line with overhead air vents or beams. It will not only promote a feeling of control, it will eliminate headaches and leg pains.

If your bed faces the door , close it when you sleep. The qi will flow better and give you uninterrupted sleep.

Blocking doorways or facing your back to the door can make you feel vulnerable and insecure.

Sharp corners and angles can generate aggressive or restless behavior and illness. You could see improvement with a child’s study habits or aggressiveness, by placing thei desk in the best position. They won’t have the impulse to get up and move away from the desk

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