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5 TIPS to cultivate peace and grounding during addiction recovery

The journey of recovery from addiction is complex and demanding. While professional support and therapeutic approaches are crucial, creating a calm and supportive environment at home can significantly enhance the healing process. Here’s where the insight of feng shui steps in, offering simple yet powerful ways to cultivate peace and grounding, vital elements for recovery.

Embrace natural light:

Darkness can contribute to feelings of isolation and stagnation. Open your window treatments and let the sunshine bathe your space. Sunlight boosts serotonin , a mood enhancing neurotransmitter and promotes a sense of optimism and vitality. Consider adding strategically placed lamps for additional brightness during darker hours.

Create a grounding sanctuary:

Avoid bright colors that represent fire like red, orange or bright yellow. Fire is an activator of

energy. In a negative space fire or fire colors can increase this potential and cause delays,

illness, disharmony/conflict and accidents. Light blues, greens or neutral colors will allow the

mind to reset in a calmer environment. Avoid positioning yourself under or in front of sharp

corners , pointed angles or ceiling beams. Arrange furniture to create smooth, flowing energy and ensure comfortable seating in well lit areas for relaxed conversations and reflections.

Declutter and clean regularly to maintain positive energy flow.

Healing power of plants:

Plants are natural air purifiers and bring life to any space. The most effective plants are

bamboo palms, lavender, spider plant and english ivy. They also remove petroleum related

pollutants that cause cancer.

Movement of energy:

Traditional feng shui is a metaphysical science that includes the tracking of qi with time.

We strive to balance the interiors by occupying positive spaces and avoiding negative

areas. In 2024 from Feb 4-5 , the shifting of this qi will make the South, Southeast and West

directions in your home less desirable to occupy. It is a negative qi that can affect sobriety

because it has the potential for alcohol use, addiction, delays, accidents , conflict and illness.

If you find yourself in these directions for sleeping or working, add 30 lbs of heavy metal to

reduce this potential. Inexpensive heavy metal can be found in exercise weights or a bowl of

coins. The metal must not be covered in plastic and it can be placed under or behind a piece of furniture, but not enclosed in a drawer or closet.

Calm the senses:

Play calming music to enhance concentration and reduce stress.

Use essential oils like lavender, chamomile or orange for stress relieving properties.

Peppermint and clary sage oils can boost alertness and clarity.

Remember, recovery is a journey not a destination. Experiment with these tips and find what

resonates most with you. Listen to your intuition and create a space that feels peaceful, calm,

and supportive of your recovery process.

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