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Feng Shui Forecast for September 2020

The new month will begin on September 7. Expect some ups and downs this month starting with extreme weather conditions, especially with the addition of the water element star. Even though we are still in an economic crisis , new opportunities and ventures will be created. Finance , fashion , entertainment and water related businesses will benefit.

The best directions for new business opportunities, sales, promotions and ventures will be in the South West, North East and South East. Starting something new or getting that promotion is promising in the SW. The SE will have creative luck and wealth opportunities but there may be conflict as well. Adding an earth element like a live plant with soil will reduce this potential.

In the NE direction, it is good for success in academics, creative luck and fire related businesses.

Avoid these directions to have a smoother month. The potential in the West is robbery, arguments and misunderstandings. Accidents, delays and illness to the heart and eyes will be in the South direction. Add 10- 20 pounds of metal to either of these areas to bring better results.

The best spaces for children to study will be in the North and North East. The North will also be beneficial for creativity, fame and relationships.

While the North West is beneficial for the head of the family, leader or boss, elderly adults to protect their health should avoid it.

Construction and earth related businesses will see more opportunities in the East. There may be more water and earth disasters coming to these areas.

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