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Counting the sheep to fall asleep

Staying awake night after night , tossing and turning and then succumbing to checking your emails ? For the fifth time? Try these sleep tips and get some rest. Firstly it helps tp sleep in your natural direction , based on your birthdate. This calculation is based on observations by Chinese scholars many thousands of years ago. It is noted that babies instinctively turn themselves toward the direction that makes them comfortable. We all have this built in instinctive nature. But space availability and decor usually decides the bed direction for us, so we have to make the effort to adjust ourselves other ways to get that deep sleep.

These are 5 important tips that will help you get that needed bedrest.

1. Getting a good nights sleep is a process of transition for the mind and body. Determine your ideal hour to sleep and start your transition 2 hours before. Avoid drinking liquids or eating any caffeine product like chocolate after 7. Drinking water after 7 can cause you to urinate frequently during the night.

2. Stop using any electronic devices like computers, laptops or iPhones early in the evening. the blue light from these devices affects the melatonin which will disturb your natural internal clock. When it gets dark , your body naturally secretes the hormone melatonin, which tells your body to go to sleep. I eat a gummy melatonin around 2 hours before I sleep to help my body wind down. Also try to resist picking up these electronic devisee to check updates, etc. this not only wakens the body with the blue light , it increases stress. If you watch tv at night, lower the volume as you get closer to your hour of sleep.

3. Always place your bed with the headboard on a solid wall. It’s not only a feeling of security , it’s also moving energy that causes unrest if you have an open space behind the bed, whether the bed is in the middle of the room or on angle. Avoid sleeping under a beam . The beam can direct qi straight down on whatever part of the body and cause illness and pain.

4. Be mindful of the colors in your bedroom. More muted colors are more calming , while reds and purples are stimulating to the brain.

5. Clean fresh bedding , good ventilation and soft accent lighting makes us feel comfortable . Comfort is security for your mind and body. While you sleep you allow yourself to trust your surroundings for several hours while being unconscious. This may be the reason many people love to snuggle tight in their beds like a cocoon or create a tent to protect themselves while they sleep. Also get rid of dirty laundry, trash, paperwork or overall clutter in your bedroom. They are all added distractions to the mind

Sweet dreams!


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