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Feng Shui for child's study space

Rearranging your child’s study space can increase productivity, creativity, a calm attitude and better health. Feng Shui is like controlling the temperature in your child’s work space. It is an unseen energy that can make him or her energized so they are more productive, happy and healthy. It can also lessen conflict and improve relationships.

1. Set up the study area in a space that is well lit, uncluttered and ventilated.

2. The desk should be positioned so the door is not behind their back. This position tends to be distracting , as you subconsciously feel someone is behind you.

3. Overhead beams or sharp angles from wall corners or columns cause the qi to hit the person seated. This direct energy has been proven to cause students and employees to feel uneasy and to avoid sitting for long periods of time. It is also unhealthy, as this direct energy can cause pain to the body parts in it’s path. Place a plant or move the desk to avoid being in direct contact with this energy.

4. Students can flourish in a calm space with softer neutral colors. Since energy like time is in constant movement , it changes directions along with time. There is energy that causes more conflict and arguing. Check my monthly forecast to follow this energy so you can make adjustments as necessary. You can lessen any conflict by simply moving the study area.

5. A child can also benefit from the qi for creativity. This energy not only enhances creativity for artists, performers, musicians and writers, it can increase personal attraction. Thus increasing chances for creative opportunities, sales and fame. Follow our monthly forecast so you can take advantage of this creative energy.

6. Good sleep is also helpful for improving your child’s attention level. We have found that babies tend to turn themselves toward their natural birth pillow direction. In Feng Shui everyone is assigned a pillow direction according to your birthdate. Your child will get a more solid sleep pattern if he sleeps in his or her direction. We will be be providing the birth charts in our next blog.

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