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Take a break from social media

When to put down the phone

Recently I joined the rest of the world and Instagram. While I was not quite sure what a hashtag meant, I posted my first photo. What I didn’t know about Instagram is the constant feed of creativity and human documentation that becomes addictive. DIY videos, food, beauty and cute dogs and cats 24/7.

As a believer in all things energy and “what we think ,we create”, this constant feed of activity is a false mental reality of observing others instead of creating your own life. A new generation of watchers, not doers. Its easy to look at your phone when you’re waiting in line or have some down time, but it can become the easy “go to” action, instead of interacting with people or doing something productive. I was also surprised to hear mothers complain that their young children are not playing video games but are instead watching others play video games online.

In a Feng Shui analysis it is possible to target the qi that can increase this behavior. The qi for vanity, personal attraction and popularity is associated with impulsive and addictive behaviors and is the same qi related to the mouth area that increases alcohol and drug use. Those influencers that monetize their social media can enhance this qi to their benefit. They can get results of increased sales and creativity through Feng Shui. We are also able to decrease this activity by placing living plants in the correct areas to control unwanted addictive behavior.

Face it, 24/7activity on social media can interfere with relationships and work productivity. Balance is key, everything in moderation. A good Feng Shui remedy would be to designate an area in your home just for the use of your key electronics. It is healthier to keep the blue lights and electromagnetic currents away from areas of sleep and personal interaction. Children watching videos on phones while they eat is not only bad manners , it prevents family interaction.

Enjoy social media , then put it away and enjoy YOUR life.


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