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Kanso- a concept of simplicity and mindfulness within your environment.

Kanso with Feng Shui combines balance with simplicity to your home or business. As organizer guru Marie Kondo says ”eliminate what you don't love”. After you organize and eliminate, you will know where everything is and each item will have purpose.

Especially in the US, we waste too much money on impulse buying. Items that get stuck in the back of a closet or drawer. It ultimately has no importance, but when you come across these items , it brings stress to the mind. We think this is something that needs to be dealt with. some day. Eliminating this sense of clutter and old energy releases stress, gives us

clarity and can help us move forward to achieve our goals .

I definitely felt this release of stagnant energy with the remodel of the home of one my singe female clients. Because of a flood caused by her washing machine , she decided to remodel her home. We did a complete purging of her old furniture and everything placed back in the house was new. She also went through all her belongings and eliminated everything that didn’t have a place in this new design, including clothes and old mementos. I felt her on purpose, living with new enthusiasm. My impression was that she was really happy with a renewed sense of moving forward in life. Not only was the Feng Shui of her home keeping her in balance with health and prosperity, she was open to meeting new people. Every piece of furniture and accessory was placed with purpose. Not only is the space beautiful and zen like, it feels much bigger.

If you are open to change and bringing more positivity to your life , try to simplify and release not only your belongings but negative people or situations as well.

Whatever or whoever drains your energy.

Kanso will keep you present, living in the moment with a sense of simplicity and purpose. Actually creating more time and peace within ourselves, mind and body.

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Aug 23, 2019

This article is great. I think that this site and are the best sites for feng shui stuff. I learned a lot from the articles on this site and I really like what I found out while reading this blog and

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