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The Feng Shui Piggy Bank

The Feng Shui piggy bank

Tips to keep money flowing in your home or business

Since energy is in constant movement there will be times in your space when money luck increases. Keeping this qi from leaving is key to increased success with less effort. It’s like having an extra boost of energy from vitamins. Qi tends to pool in areas that are more level and do not have straight paths that lead out the door or down and away from the building.

Proper Feng Shui does not require remodeling or redesigning your home. Simple common sense remedies solve all situations.

1. If your front and back door are aligned , do not keep both open at the same time. Qi will flow down the easiest path and out the door. Easiest remedy is to keep one door closed or use a different entry.

2. Houses built on steep hills need a gentle buffer like a wall or landscape to slow the qi from leaving the property.

3. You may find it’s hard to keep money when your staircase leads straight out the entry door. Use a different entry like garage or side door to remedy this situation or place a plant to create a buffer to slow the qi.

4. Water is a great attractor and container for prosperous qi. More is always better in quantity

and it must be clean and moving. Outdoor water features such as pools, jacuzzis, or

ponds are remedies for many buildings that need to attract wealth. Jacuzzis must remain without a cover to be effective.




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