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Feng Shui Tips for pet lovers.

We all want our furry friends to be healthy and happy. Since Feng Shui energy affects occupants in the building that would also include our pets. Where they sleep is important for their health. Areas of negative qi can cause accidents and illnesses.

There are advantages to having pets in the home. Dogs and cats are yang energy and their movement can remedy stagnant areas in your home and can make them more inviting. Water from an aquarium can attract wealth and increase personal attraction in the right direction.

When introducing a new pet to the home , Feng Shui can help make the cat or dog feel more comfortable and calm. Here are 6 easy tips to improve their space.

1. In 2020 from Feb 4, avoid placing their bed in the East and South rooms in your home. These directions are more negative in 2020 and can cause accidents and illnesses. If you can’t move their bed to another room, add 10 lbs of metal in the space. In Feng Shui , metal is the element that will reduce this negative qi. An inexpensive metal remedy is an exercise weight placed near the bed. The metal must not be covered in plastic or rubber.

2. The best colors for a bed is more neutral or in earth tones. Try to avoid red because this color represents fire element and can activate any negative qi. So it’s best not used in the East and South.

3. Animals like humans thrive in a clean environment, avoid clutter

4. Fresh moving , clean water attracts wealth and personal attraction. This can be beneficial to pet owners. Water features can also be drinking vessels for cats and dogs. Adding an ultraviolet lamp kills the bacteria in the water. Many new cat fountains have this feature.

5. Sleeping directly under beams and soffits creates a direct line of energy that can affect your health. This applies to pet owners who let their cats or dogs sleep on their bed. You can experience headaches or illnesses to the area under the beam.

6. Fresh air and natural light are also positives for a healthy environment.

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