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Feng Shui for rehab and sobriety

Feng Shui is important for the recovering individual of drug addiction, alcohol or weight issues. Recovering from an addiction is based not only on treatment and support, but by surviving the day to day realities of life. While treatment programs reveal the underlaying nature of the addiction, the patient is then faced with returning to the same environment that may have created or elevated their problems.

Without the same support system that was available in treatment, the individual may feel apprehensive about returning home. Many start with motivation but find themselves back in their home and work environments filled with the same stress from job, family, finances and relationships.

If you feel your surroundings where you Iive and work are not in balance or in harmony, it is time to examine your environment. In order to feel secure, comfortable, productive and prosperous, we need to eliminate the energy that causes sleep disorders, low energy, stress and conflict. All conditions that can weaken the commitment to recovery.


Begin by taking advice from my blog “ tips for better sleep”. Partner that with neutralizing any negative qi in your room with metal. Add 20 lbs of metal near the bed. The metal can be under a piece of furniture but not in a closet or drawer. Raw metal, coins , exercise weight or artistic sculptures will work. Make sure you don't position the bed under a beam or in front of a door. Either can create a movement of qi that is not healthy.


The qi related to the mouth can stimulate addictive behavior. The positive side is if you are a speaker or singer or in the beauty business, it increases your work potential. The negative side is you want to do things related to eating, drinking and celebrating. Do not keep any water fountains in the area where you spend a lot of your time. This can include your bedroom.

Water will increase this behavior.


Remove any triggers that may provoke your addiction, like any piece of furniture, picture or item that retain any negative memories. Clean and replace your surrounding to eliminate odors of previous behaviors.

Review and let go of places and people who cause stress and conflict.

Keep your color scheme more neutral. Reds and purple tend to increase the qi for conflict and legal issues, increase blood pressure and stress. Contrary to many, burning candles can be comforting but avoid this as it stimulates the wrong energies for someone in sobriety.

Feng Shui, is the Chinese science of balancing energy that enters and moves through your home and is comparable to the concept of acupuncture and the flow of energy within our bodies. Many people who are not familiar with Feng Shui confuse the science with some new age religious practice. There are many consultants and books that mislead the public with these new age beliefs and recommend lighting candles and adding water fountains.......

everywhere. Bottom line for sobriety, fire and water will stimulate the behaviors you are trying to avoid.

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