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Attracting Wealth - The Rain Vortex, the Largest Indoor Waterfall in the World

World's largest indoor waterfall, Singapore's Rain Vortex, is also the world's best Feng Shui environment, incorporating all of the universal elements of energy, water, wood, fire, earth, and metal in the Changi Airport Jewel Complex. Designed by Moshe Safdie of Safdie Architects and engineered by LA-based WET design, it is a world-class shopping mall of 280 shops and restaurants, tourist attractions, natural rainforest, airport, and lifestyle destination for Singapore residents. To say that the water element may be attracting wealth is an understatement. The Rain Vortex is 40 meters high, funnels, and recycles rainwater through its open roof, oxygenating the complex with healthy negative ions. Studies at Colombia University found that water creates negative ions that are believed to produce biochemical reactions to increase mood levels, boost energy, and alleviate depression and stress. The perfect environment for those arriving and traveling through the airport. Besides the water, there is a four-level terraced forest called the Shiseido Forest Valley with over 900 trees and palms and 100000 shrubs from around the world. Plants are also natural oxygenators, absorbing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen. They can remove dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and benzene. At night the fire element is seen in the waterfall's light and sound show. The massive waterfall becomes the centerpiece of light from blues and greens, to intense red. The ten-story complex is constructed of concrete, glass, and metal. With an open exterior of glass and metal, the transparency allows the natural light to filter through. It is evident that the Rain Vortex complex is a world-class destination that attracts wealth, provides a soothing and calming healthy atmosphere, and is an extraordinary example of good Feng Shui and natural green technology.


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