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"The quality of your life should exceed the wealth of your surroundings"
Feng Shui creates balance for healthy living

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Meet Janice

Our world and lifestyle have shifted and we must adapt to make sure our own personal space is healthy and successful.  Attracting new business, jobs, and living without stress are high priorities.  As we move towards “green design” , living in a toxic free environment , the principles of Feng Shui work seamlessly to help create this natural healthy space for your mind and body.  Living with Feng Shui is basically allowing yourself to flow with the qi of the building.



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Conversion of an historical landmark into a contemporary restaurant




Articles in my journal will focus on the architectural differences in design according to cultural tradition, religion and environment that may alter the Feng Shui analysis. Understanding the dynamics of different cultures and traditions in design and Feng Shui, allows us to connect on a deeper level with each client’s needs and lifestyles.  Beauty, comfort, practicality and accessibility are desired goals in a perfect environment  , together with optimum health, productivity, harmony and prosperity.  Feng Shui addresses the functionality of space for different activities in keeping with the positive qi, energy that must flow throughout the building.  Creating this harmony can elevate the potential for a lifestyle that feels balanced naturally.

Feng Shui Dubai

Dubai, a desert overflowing with water. In Feng Shui water attracts and retains wealth.
Dubai’s vast use of water with architecture is the perfect example of great engineering feats showcasing this prosperous environment. The Burj Khalifa, the Palm Islands, Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Dubai Fountains, to name a few are prime examples.
The definition of Feng Shui is literally “wind and water”. The qi is carried by the wind and then retained by the water. This qi generates abundance not only in terms of wealth but in all aspects of your life. Attraction for fame and creativity follow this energy from water.
As energy moves with time there may be periods where the qi is more negative. In Feng Shui water can prevent a building from this negative time lock that can last from 1 to 20 years.
The location and amount of water are important and as illustrated in Dubai, water creates a circulation of positive qi within the city.
Innovation, creativity and technologically advanced designs are paramount to the growth and success of Dubai. The incorporation of more water in their architecture and city planning, will
continue to bring more positivity to the expansion of the city.

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